Client Portfolio
We've been priviledged to work with many great companies throughout the last 19 years. Below you'll find a small sample of the work we've done along with a summary of each project. To see the complete profile including a full-size image(s) click on the "more" link or the website image. Some websites in this portfolio are no longer online and in this case the company name is not a link to the featured website.
Company: My Direct Connections
Project: MyDirectConnections.com is the most powerful business building software on the planet.  They had a design spec for version 2 of their software and contracted Twin Peaks to build it for them.  Rather than trying to build version 2 on top of versi...   more
Company: IP Telesis
Project: IP Telesis is one the nations leading VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) providers. Twin Peaks was initially contracted by them to build a custom shopping cart that would work for them and all of nationwide network of resellers. Eventually this led to d...   more
Company: Our Travel Secret
Project: While working on My Direct Connections we were asked to create a customizable website for the YTB associates.  Our Travel Secret is the result of that request and was used by many YTB associates in the sales portion of their travel business.  We...   more
Company: Sorenson Media
Project: Sorenson Media had a shopping cart application written in ASP that they needed ported to PHP.  We were contracted for this project and also given several upgrades that needed to be made to the system.  The biggest of those upgrad...   more
Company: Card Café
Project: Card Café is the premiere site for creating online greeting cards. We were able to help them greatly expand their existing system in a number of ways. First we created a system that allows customers to add gifts to be sent along with their cards. N...   more
Company: DreamMakers International
Project: DreamMakers International was once a driving force in the network marketing business "CyberWize". The leaders of this team contracted Twin Peaks to build a complete website solution that would both highlight the team and provide a complete back-...   more
Company: DreamMakers Seminars
Project: The leaders of DreamMakers International contracted Twin Peaks to build a site they could use to advertise their seminar company. The two major functions of this site were to highlight upcoming events / speakers and to provide their guests with a way to s...   more
Company: Dream Space Enterprises
Project: DreamSpace Enterprises is the Utah authority on assemblies and informal education, for Jr. High and High Schools, and teaches students the most important communication, financial and leadership skills.  When they came to me their site was a mess.&nbs...   more
Company: GradeFix
Project: GradeFix is the world's most advanced homework planner. A student simply enters how much time they have and the homework tasks that they need to complete; then GradeFix automatically optimizes their homework schedule based on proven psychological principl...   more
Company: Mountain States Mortgage Centers
Project: Mountain States asked us to design and build their corporate website.  Most of this project involved building tools that allowed them to display their interest rates online, manage their loan originators, and interface with other sites to provide rat...   more
Company: MortgageSpan
Project: MortgageSpan was the Loan Originator branch of Mountain States Mortgage.  The site was designed so that prospects (website visitors) would see how easy and lucrative it is to be a loan originator with all of the training, support, and tools that came...   more
Company: Personal-Trainers.com
Project: Personal-Trainers.com is the number one site on the web for Personal Fitness Trainers.  We worked with this organization to develop their back-end system with a lot of tools designed to help fitness trainers make new connections and attract new busin...   more
Company: Sadies Online
Project: We were contracted by Sadies to help with their back-end system which is comprised of a Point of Sale system, extensive reporting tools, and many other tools that allow them to efficiently run their business.  Our particular task was to upgrade sever...   more
Company: Salt Lake Center for Spiritual Living
Project: "The Center" as it's known allowed us to create a custom website for their organization.  It features a custom template, flash video, Google Calendar integration and integration with PayPal for donations.  Features that were currently ...   more
Company: Shelf Reliance
Project: Shelf Reliance is the premier source for emergency preparedness supplies and informational tools.  We worked with them to create a new custom website and e-commerce systems.  Our first goal was to use our custom shopping cart to quickly create ...   more
Company: Zions - EnterVault
Project: EnterVault was a federally audited provider of secure online storage services to business partners and their customers.  We were contracted to build the back-end system used by users to manage their accounts.  We created a custom template and se...   more
Company: WeCan Telecom
Project: WeCan contracted Twin Peaks to upgrade their site.  We reused their original template and added features such as a rotating image gallery created with Flash, and complete integration with their online ordering system.  We added several new pages...   more
Company: WealthBridge Financial Services
Project: WealthBridge was a start-up company that offered mortgage and insurance services.  They contracted us to build their site and provided us with all of the content.  We worked closely with them to design their custom template including the large f...   more
Company: VantageTel Communications
Project: VantageTel was a telephony equipment and service provider located in California.  We created their site from scratch including a custom website template and several pages of content.  The site featured a News module that allowed them to add new ...   more
Company: St. Regis Resort & Residences
Project: St. Regis needed the contact details collected on their site to feed directly in SalesForce.com.  We learned the SalesForce API and built a solution that accomplished their goal.&...   more
Company: Xooma Direct
Project: Xooma contracted Twin Peaks to build this marketing site.  The purpose of the site is to capture new users for the My Direct Connections system.  The system features Flash video and integration with the My Direct Connections sign-up and log-in s...   more
Company: LooseFunk
Project: LooseFunk was a popular local band that came to use to help them create a fun and exciting online presence for their fans.  The site that we delivered had a calendar system that allowed them to advertise their show dates and events, streaming music, ...   more
Company: Kawai Law
Project: Dusty Kawai is an amazing attorney located in downtown Provo, UT.  When I first met Dusty his website was home built using tools like Front Page and did not have a consistent look from page to page.  I created a custom website template and then ...   more
Company: HarrisGear Telecommunications
Project: HarrisGear is Utah's leading provider of service for business telephone system and service.  They contracted Twin Peaks to design and built their website which includes database integration of their products and services with a complete admin site fo...   more
Company: Millionaire Training Academy
Project: This site is an in-house project that was created to help organize and use an extensive digital library of self-help materials.  The goal was to develop a way to organize all of the CD courses, videos, audio books, e-books, etc into a college coursew...   more
Company: Free & Clear Investments
Project: Free & Clear contracted Twin Peaks to develop a low-cost, entry level site that could be used as a launching pad for their real estate investment company. We were able to quickly develop an impressive template and several pages describing their busine...   more
Company: Express Funding
Project: Express Funding is a mortgage company launched by Mountain States Mortgage and located in Las Vegas, NV.  They contracted Twin Peaks to create a site based on their template that would re-use the functionality from their parent site, mountainstatesmo...   more
Company: ChrisRuflin.com
Project: Chris Ruflin has nearly a decade of experience as an entrepreneur and marketer. He came to us to build a custom website that he uses to promote his Life Coaching business.  We worked closely with Chris to develop a custom website template and flash a...   more
Company: Analysis Investments
Project: The goal of this project was to create an incredibly powerful real estate analysis system that could be used to find hidden gems in the market. One of the most exciting aspects of the software was the tight integration with Google Maps. The partners in t...   more
Company: Airport Inn Hotel
Project: We built this site based on the customers template and integrated it with their online reservation system.  The site features optimized pages for better search engine rankings and a Newsletter system created with the open-source product, phpList....   more